UK Swiss Luxury Replica Hublot’s Rainbow Of Colors

UK Swiss Luxury Replica Hublot’s Rainbow Of Colors

Especially in recent years, Hublot replica has been a brand in which color plays a very important role. They developed both ceramic and sapphire in vibrant colors that weren’t possible before. For the brand, it doesn’t stop there as they also love to play with colored gemstones, in particular creating the so-called ‘rainbow-watches.’ When it comes to these type of timepieces, Hublot has created quite a name for itself, making it a benchmark in the industry in this category. They also continue to strengthen their position, as this year, they already introduced three new rainbow-watches.

Settings of precious stones are usually done exclusively in gold or platinum cases, but Hublot likes to change this up. For the luxury fake Hublot Spirit of Big Bang, they opted for a titanium case. Not only can this material be polished to perfection, which emphasizes the stones even more, it is also much lighter. This way, the skeleton dial copy Hublot Spirit of Big Bang can maintain its sportive character. Through the sapphire crystal dial can also part of the self-winding chronograph movement be admired. Setting the gemstones on this watch was by no means an easy task, as the various angles of the case and bezel make this a job only an expert can achieve.

Hublot also launched a time-only version of the Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow. This top quality Hublot fake watch also features a titanium case, making it surprisingly light to wear. As it lacks a chronograph complication, like its sibling, the dial can be further utilized to show a rainbow of colors. Hublot uses a wide variety of different gemstones for this, all selected on their color and clarity. Rubies, Pink Sapphires, Amethysts, Blue Sapphires, Blue Topazes, Tsavorites, Yellow and Orange Sapphires all find their way on the dial, case, and bezel, to do justice to the watch its name in the most vibrant and literal way possible.

Lens Position: 1778

The carbon case replica Hublot MP-11 Rainbow is a watch that dazzles with contrast. The case is made from 3D carbon fiber, which gives it not only a nice texture but also keeps it light. The bezel is set with a vibrant colored variety of gemstones, which turn the watch into a distinct eyecatcher. Mechanically is the MP-11 Rainbow also a powerhouse, as seven series-coupled mainspring barrels give it an overall power reserve of no less than 14-days. To accommodate them, Hublot had to make a curve in both the case as well as the sapphire crystal, which is very challenging to achieve. The result is a watch that imposes in every sense, and from every angle.

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