Hublot Replica Watches For Sale Chen Man new Ambassador

Hublot Replica Watches For Sale Chen Man new Ambassador

— The international visual artist is the first female Chinese ambassador of the brand.

Hublot Chen Man

On 2015 June 5th, Hublot Fake Watches Sale welcomed a new ambassador from the world of art, Chen Man, the international visual artist. In her unique female artist’s perspective, she fuses fashion and art, creating a series of extraordinary visual art pieces.

As a world-renowned visual artist, Chen Man’s unique style has won her many awards in the international arena. She has worked with various front-line media, home and abroad, for covers, capturing light and shadow with her fine, subtle and sensitive instinct, bestowing unprecedented charm and character to already well-known faces. She fuses Chinese traditional philosophical culture and modern fashion, two concepts that seems contradictory, thusly, becomes a unique explorer of Chinese modern visual art. Chen Man interprets Hublot’s brand spirit of “be the first, unique and different” in the best possible way.

At the press conference, Chen Man shared her view of visual art as a female artist. Wearing the Big Bang Jeans Carat set with baguettes, Chen Man sat in front of the Chinese classic architecture. The commercial perfectly reflected the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The cooperation between Chen Man and Hublot replica watches UK goes way back. She has personal shot three brand ambassadors of Hublot: Bar Refaeli wearing her Big Bang Embroidery; Lapo Erkann and the Big Bang Unico Italian Independent watch, and Lang Lang, wearing his Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette watch.

Bar Refeali.
© Hublot replica watches ( Chen Man

Lang Lang.
© Replica Hublot Watches UK / Chen Man

Lapo Erkann.
© Hublot / Chen Man


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